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A/Prof Ward loves to make birthdays!!


Our Practice’s dedication to excellence means that you are surrounded by a truly caring team of professionals. Our specialists and midwives provide a full range of prenatal services
for pregnant women from routine care to the most sophisticated care for complicated pregnancies. During your pregnancy, we will closely monitor your progress and when
necessary, liaise with our maternal–foetal medicine specialist colleagues in major centres.


Pregnancy is a time of great excitement and anticipation for an expectant mother and her family.

From pre-pregnancy preparation, conception and the first tentative flush of a positive pregnancy test, through to the irreplaceable thrill of hearing your baby’s heartbeat, feeling
the movements for the first time and finally holding your beautiful newborn baby, it is a spectacular journey.


A/Prof Ward sees himself as guiding and overseeing this miraculous transition safely for both mother and child. Being a dad to 3 beautiful children and having the delight of being present at all these births (including delivering the last one!) he is especially keen to encourage the father’s or partner’s participation as fully as possible.

Services include:


  • Pre-pregnancy assessment and counselling

  • Early pregnancy assessment including viability ultrasound

  • Management and investigation of pregnancy loss

  • Insertion of cervical cerclage where indicated

  • On site ultrasound imaging

  • Routine antenatal visits, intra and postpartum care

  • Low and high-risk pregnancies (twins, pre-eclampsia, diabetes, high blood pressure andother medical conditions. 

  • Waterbirth

  • VBAC – vaginal birth after caesarean, vaginal breech delivery

  • Breech turning (ECV)

  • Forceps and vacuum delivery where indicated

  • Caesarean Section

  • Obstetric trauma repair

A/ Prof Ward offers private personalised care for the delivery of your precious baby and
immediate postnatal care throughout your hospital stay

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